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International Workshop SMART innovative diAgNosis straTegIes of CANCER SMARTANTICANCER - NANOMISENE2023

The Workshop SMARTANTICANCER/ NANOMISENE2023 is a continuity of the workshops and seminars organized by the NANOMISENE Lab Team on the topics NanoTechnology, Nano/Micro Systems and their applications for Health Care, Environment and food safety as well as Energy, since 2003 in ISSAT of Sousse, then in 2014 in collaboration with Tunisian Physics Society, 2015/2017 sessions as well as Sensors Days 2018/2019, CRMN of Sousse. 

SMARTANTICANCER is articulated in the context of the ongoing Tunisian - Moroccan RD project SMART bioplateformes pour le diAgNosTIc précoce du CANCER: SMARTANTICANCER